Culture – a concept that historically been thought of as “soft” has proven to reap “hard” results. It’s no longer enough to offer a decent salary and job security. You must engage your employees in order to create an Innovation Culture! The good news: people who are engaged and feel a connection to something meaningful at work increase their productivity by as much as five times. And they’ll represent your brand in a positive light when they are out in the world!

Cultural development requires a thoughtful, clear and consistent plan. That’s where we come in. We have a passion for success, but we give ourselves permission to fail. We listen actively, support good ideas, take risks, work together, act quickly and are open to change. We’ve partnered with THNK, the school of creative leadership, to develop Innovation DNA – a program aimed at assessing strengths and challenges in your current culture and addressing them through creative workshops and exercises. We’ll work to inspire your team to take risks, seize opportunities and innovate!

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